Thursday, 1 November 2012

phone sock/cover

I really wanted to show today a cowl/infinity scarf that I made yesterday, but the weather today was so bad and it get dark so early, that I wasn't able to take a photo of it... Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit nicer and I'll catch some sun :)

Couple of days ago I made myself a phone sock. I was planning on making it a long time ago, but I couldn't decide on the pattern. Last week I was searching for newblogs to read and I came across one blog (I have no idea what blog was it... :( ) where I saw a blanket with a nice looking edging. I thought it'll look awesome as a phone sock - and I was right :)
Here's what I made:

Here you can find this phone sock on Ravelry.

So many ends to wave in in such a small project... That was the worst part :P

I used 4mm hook, two colors of Hayfield Bonus DK yarn and some yarn that I don't know the name of (sparkly one).

Today I recived set of bamboo hooks that I oredered on eBay. I was very curious how different it will be, working with bamboo hooks instead of metal/plastic ones. As I'm still slowly (very slowly) working on my Giant Granny Square blanket I decided to try it on this project. I was very disappointed and I find it easier to work with metal hook. Maybe it's because the hook I tried was only 4mm as it looks like with larger hooks (7-10mm) I shouldn't find it so hard to work with them... Well, I'll try them later on.



  1. Nice cover! Love the sparkels in the yarn.

  2. Nice phone case .....,I like to stiffening with starch but weather in here is not going to help me ......I do that in summer time .But it is great too.