Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I love collecting postcards. I participate in Postcrossing as it's easier to collect postcards from all over the world :)
Sometimes people write in their profile that they like to recive handmade postcards and I'm more than happy to send them one made by me :D (I never send one if the person don't actually ask for them in their profile).
Most of the cards I made are for tags and RRs created specially to exchange handmade postcards.

Last week I get the profile with adress to a women who says that handmade postcards are welcome and also that she likes cross stitiching - so I decided to turn my Fizzy Moon pattern from the first post to a card, as it was supposed to be from the beginning ;)

It was quite hard to fit the pattern in the empty space on the card even when it was made for it but I manage to made it.
Anyway, today this card reached its destination in Finland and I recived a very nice message from Soikka :)
It's so nice to know that my card made someone happy :)

Recently I made few pumpkin postcards for "autumn/halloween handmade RR"


I painted them with watercolor paint, stamped with same paint and a leaf from the backgarden, added some accents and write with a pen and added a bit of fabric tape at the end. I like the final result :)

Here's some postcards I made in the past:

And HERE is my album of all handmade poscards I send via postcrossing.
I hope you like them :)

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