Tuesday, 16 October 2012

giant granny square baby blanket

At some point I thought I'll never finish this blanket... I run out of yarn 4 or 5 times (I guess that's common for a begginer like me to not know how much yarn will be actually used) and then framing it felt like endless work...

I used 6 balls of Merino DK by Wendy lilac yarn and 7 balls of Merino DK by Wendy purple yarn. Finished blanket is 90cm x 90cm (~35,5"x35,5"). This project costed me almost £50 (£3,69 per ball of yarn)...
I didn't want to make a fancy frame as I'm thinking about making this blanket bigger in the future so it can grow with the baby ;) Well, we'll see about that...

I was struggling with taking a good picture of the blanked and I failed completly... But I just couldn't wait any longer with posting here (besides I think I'll have a chance to finally take good pictures of my work when I'll move - in about a month... it's just too long to wait). The closest color is on the first picture in this post.

And here you can find this blanket on Ravelry :)

Now I'm trying to finish my another blanket. I also started to make a puff stitch scarf today - I was inspired by a girl I sawin a shop yesterday - she had a lovely scarf that from a distcance looked like it was made with puff stitches, but when I looked at it properly it looked like made from rows of 2 convex/2 concace treble crochets. It also had a big pom-pom on each side. I already made my own version of this in my head and at the end it should look nothing like the scarf I saw yesterday ;) I hope it'll turn out as nice as I see it in my head ;)

Have a nice day! xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing your baby blanket on TwoLuLa! I like the idea of making it bigger as baby grows. And I, too, get frustrated with how the camera sometimes captures colors. I especially have trouble with very bright colors. But, nonetheless, your blanket is beautiful!