Sunday, 28 October 2012

A lot of puff stitches - scarf & gloves

Firstable, here's a scarf that I was talking about last time - manly version of my puff stitch scarf :)

Here you can find this scarf on Ravelry.

I made 125 rows of puff stitches and 10 rows of dc (5 on each side).
I used 5mm hook and Kirkton House Rustic Aran Yarn.

Next, fingerless gloves for my friend. I made one like this before for myself but I'm not to happy with how they turned out, so right now they are put on the side waiting to be unraveld...
Here you can find this gloves on Ravelry.

I couldn't wait for good light to take a photo of them as I finished them during the evening and I gave them to my friend very same night ;)
I used 4mm hook and Hayfield Bonus DK yarn.

Wish you all a good day!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Puff stitch scarf

As I said in my last post, I was working on a scarf. I'm very proud of myself as it turned out exactly how I imagined it :)
Now I'm working on similar one, but a manly version - grey one, without pom poms and with normal sized "endings" ;)

Unfortunatelly during past couple of days there was NO sun at all, it was gloomy all the time, so I had to make these photos in very bad lightening... That's the beauty of living in UK... :(

There's 160 rows - 140 rows of puff stitches and 20 rows (10 on each side) of dc, so it's quite long ;)
For more informations (yarn & hook used, pattern) check out my ravelry :)

And the one I'm working on right now:

I also signed up for an ornament exchange at One Artsy Mama
I can't wait to recive details of the person that I'll make the ornament for! I'm so excited about this! :)

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

giant granny square baby blanket

At some point I thought I'll never finish this blanket... I run out of yarn 4 or 5 times (I guess that's common for a begginer like me to not know how much yarn will be actually used) and then framing it felt like endless work...

I used 6 balls of Merino DK by Wendy lilac yarn and 7 balls of Merino DK by Wendy purple yarn. Finished blanket is 90cm x 90cm (~35,5"x35,5"). This project costed me almost £50 (£3,69 per ball of yarn)...
I didn't want to make a fancy frame as I'm thinking about making this blanket bigger in the future so it can grow with the baby ;) Well, we'll see about that...

I was struggling with taking a good picture of the blanked and I failed completly... But I just couldn't wait any longer with posting here (besides I think I'll have a chance to finally take good pictures of my work when I'll move - in about a month... it's just too long to wait). The closest color is on the first picture in this post.

And here you can find this blanket on Ravelry :)

Now I'm trying to finish my another blanket. I also started to make a puff stitch scarf today - I was inspired by a girl I sawin a shop yesterday - she had a lovely scarf that from a distcance looked like it was made with puff stitches, but when I looked at it properly it looked like made from rows of 2 convex/2 concace treble crochets. It also had a big pom-pom on each side. I already made my own version of this in my head and at the end it should look nothing like the scarf I saw yesterday ;) I hope it'll turn out as nice as I see it in my head ;)

Have a nice day! xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn cup cosy

I don't  think there is anything better to do during autumn than to sit comfortably in your favourite chair, wrapped up in a blanket, with a good book and a big mug of tea :)

I love drinking tea but I always struggle with this small (erm... I meant "normal sized" :P) mugs... So when I saw this big mug on clearance in TESCO I just couldn't not buy it, even if I think that the pattern on it is totally hideous. To solve two problems at once (ugliness of the mug + tea cooling down too quick) I made a cup cosy with one of my favourite themes - autumn :)

I used Hayfield Bonus DK 100% acrylic yarn in orange and brown, and Knitting Essentials 100% acrylic yarn in yellow. There is 14 rows of htc in orange and yellow (two rows each time) and one row of dc in brown as a frame. The buckle is two rows of htc in yellow and then one row of dc in orange and then brown. I also covered simple plustic button with small crochet square of dc.
The pattern that I made *mainly* with  felt looked totally different in my mind when I was thinking of doing this cup cosy but I think it turned out better then it was supposed to be ;)

And here's the ugly mug with a standar size one:

Have a nice day! :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday


This week I've been working on two blankets - one is continuation of a blanket I posted before and a second one, smaller, is a baby blanket. Both are same pattern - giant granny squares :)

The big one is made from 100% acrylic yarn. So far it's about 117x117cm (46"x46") and I want it to be AT LEAST twice as big!

Baby blanket is made from 100% merino wool and I want it to be 92x92cm (36"x36") and so far I have 70x70cm (~27"x27"). I hoped it'll be done by now, but I run out of lilac yarn and this color is sold out in my local Hobby Craft, so I have to wait untill they'll get it delivered... Hopefully the blanket will be ready when my baby arrives ;)

I'm still reading "50 shades of grey"... I find this book boring and I think I'll stop reading it and try to get back to it in a month or so...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I love collecting postcards. I participate in Postcrossing as it's easier to collect postcards from all over the world :)
Sometimes people write in their profile that they like to recive handmade postcards and I'm more than happy to send them one made by me :D (I never send one if the person don't actually ask for them in their profile).
Most of the cards I made are for tags and RRs created specially to exchange handmade postcards.

Last week I get the profile with adress to a women who says that handmade postcards are welcome and also that she likes cross stitiching - so I decided to turn my Fizzy Moon pattern from the first post to a card, as it was supposed to be from the beginning ;)

It was quite hard to fit the pattern in the empty space on the card even when it was made for it but I manage to made it.
Anyway, today this card reached its destination in Finland and I recived a very nice message from Soikka :)
It's so nice to know that my card made someone happy :)

Recently I made few pumpkin postcards for "autumn/halloween handmade RR"


I painted them with watercolor paint, stamped with same paint and a leaf from the backgarden, added some accents and write with a pen and added a bit of fabric tape at the end. I like the final result :)

Here's some postcards I made in the past:

And HERE is my album of all handmade poscards I send via postcrossing.
I hope you like them :)